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Sam sexy, because..I CAN!
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draw by me! 
 Fionna: IM HAIR-BENDER!!!! Marshall: um..cool..but…why I have to wear poofy dress?
Draw by me!!


Remember Ember by Originally Sung by Ember McLain || Times played:831
.: Happy 10th Dannyversary :.
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drwa by me! http://thechaoticshadow.deviantart.com/art/Happy-10Th-Dannyversary-444984525
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.: Max Farrell :.

this chubby boy is mine >. < ♥
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Max (Maxwell) Farrell Salazar © me! The-Chaotic-Shadow or TheChaoticShadow 
.: Let it GOOOOO :.

Sam: oh my gosh……
Tucker: Why always he looks good with the dresses?

Danny Phantom © Butch HartmanCostume: Elsa, “Frozen” © DisneyDraw and Painted © me! TheChaoticShadow or The-Chaotic-Shadow
.: Luna & Artemis :. 

Yeap, The Cats on human version of Sailor Moon S XD
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Luna & Artemis, “Sailor moon” © Naoko Takeuchi
Draw © me! http://thechaoticshadow.deviantart.com/
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"hay una diferencia entre apego y conección, ¿que crees tú que somos nosotros?" - Susan

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